Statement of Senator Sonny Angara

Posted on: Thu, 06/30/2022 - 12:36 By: admin
We are confident that President Marcos will lead the country to new heights. -Angara

"The past six years of the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte were some of the most challenging in the country’s history. But with a strong political will and outstanding management skills, President Duterte tackled the drug menace head on and made good on his promise to make the country a safer place for Filipinos.

The Duterte administration, with its heralded economic team, saw the country enjoying a high credit rating and investments in critical infrastructure that has benefited Filipinos across the country and will continue to benefit future generations.

In spite of the overwhelming problems that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Duterte administration was able to navigate a path towards recovery—something that his successor, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. can build upon in his six years in office.

President Digong can now enjoy his life in retirement knowing that he has left the country in good hands and that the new administration will build on his legacy.

We are also confident that our new President Marcos will lead the country to new heights. With the votes of over 31 million Filipinos behind him, President Bongbong can be assured of the support of a strong majority of the country for his policies and programs, many of which have already been laid out in the past weeks.

The President has chosen a strong economic team that will build on the gains of the Duterte administration and steer the economy towards recovery. 

In taking on the agriculture portfolio, President Marcos has also demonstrated his commitment towards addressing the numerous problems of this sector and in increasing the yields of our farmers and fisherfolk, all the with the goal of achieving food security for all Filipinos.

We look forward to working with President Marcos and his administration, as well as with his equally competent Vice President Sara Duterte. Together with the entire nation, we pray for the success of the Marcos administration."